Lead Partner: Pro Danube Romania – Association for the promotion of transports on the Danube, RO


ERDF PP 1, ENNSHAFEN Port / Ennshafen OÖ GmbH, AT

ERDF PP 2, iC consulenten Ziviltechniker Gesmbh, AT

ERDF PP 3, Wieser Consult Ltd., AT

ERDF PP 4, Pro Danube Management GmbH, AT

ERDF PP 5, Public Ports JSC, SK

ERDF PP 6, Hungarian Federation of Danube Ports, HU

ERDF PP 8, Public Institution Port Authority Vukovar, HR

ERDF PP 9, Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications, RO

ERDF PP 10, National Company Maritime Ports Administration SA Constanta, RO

ERDF PP 11, Romanian River Ship Owners and Port Operators Association, RO

ERDF PP 12, Bulgarian – Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BG

ERDF PP 13, Port Bulmarket EAD, BG

IPA PP 1, Port Governance Agency, RS

IPA PP2, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, RS

ENI MD PP1, Technical University of Moldova, MD

ENI UA PP1, Odessa National Maritime University, UA

ENI UA PP2, State Enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, UA

ASP 1, Port of Vienna, AT

ASP 2, University of Zilina, SK

ASP 3, Danube Cruises Romania SRL, RO

ASP 4, Ministry for Innovation and Technology, HU

ASP 5, Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, HR

ASP 6, International Sava River Basin Commission, HR

ASP 7, Danube Logistics SRL, MD

ASP 8, National Company The Administration of River Ports on the Danube J.S.Co Giurgiu, RO